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Penn Park Shopping Center

Penn Park Shopping Center, situated in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a notable retail destination known for its strategic location and variety of stores. Established in 2006, this shopping center spans 241,831 square feet across 22.2 acres at the intersection of S Pennsylvania Avenue and Interstate 240, making it easily accessible and highly visible to shoppers. The shopping center boasts diverse tenants, including prominent national retailers such as Best Buy, PetSmart, Ross, and Old Navy. It is neighbored by other major retailers, including Walmart, Lowe’s, and more, ensuring a comprehensive shopping experience for visitors. With a traffic count of over 97,000 vehicles daily, Penn Park Shopping Center attracts many shoppers and visitors, highlighting its importance as a retail hub in Oklahoma City. Penn Park Shopping Center

The 3 Anchors at Penn Park

  1. Best Buy – A leading retailer in electronics, offering a wide selection of laptops, tablets, phones, and home appliances. It’s a go-to place for tech enthusiasts and those looking to find the latest gadgets or seeking tech support and services.
  2. PetSmart – A favorite for pet owners, offering a broad range of pet supplies, food, toys, and services including grooming and training. PetSmart is a one-stop-shop for all pet-related needs, making it a popular choice among animal lovers.
  3. Old Navy – Known for its affordable and fashionable clothing for men, women, and children. Old Navy is a great destination for family shopping, providing stylish and budget-friendly apparel options.

Penn Square Mall

Penn Square Mall is a beacon of modern retail in the heart of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, offering a distinctive shopping and entertainment experience. As a premier shopping destination, this two-level, super-regional mall spans over 1.1 million square feet. It is strategically located at the intersection of Northwest Expressway and Pennsylvania Avenue, making it easily accessible to residents and visitors alike. Since its inception in 1960, Penn Square Mall has become a central hub for fashion, leisure, and dining, reflecting the city’s dynamic spirit.

Home to over 140 specialty shops and major department stores, including Macy’s, Dillard’s, JCPenney, and Apple, the mall caters to diverse tastes and preferences. It’s not just the shopping that draws crowds; the mall also offers a variety of dining options, from quick bites to sit-down restaurants, ensuring a complete and enjoyable experience for all visitors. The AMC Penn Square 10 movie theater adds another layer of attraction, providing top-tier entertainment with the latest blockbusters.

The architectural design of Penn Square Mall combines elegance with comfort, featuring spacious walkways, contemporary aesthetics, and a welcoming atmosphere that invites shoppers to explore and linger. Regularly hosting events and activities, the mall fosters community and engagement, making it more than just a shopping center—it’s a vibrant gathering place for people from all walks of life.


  1. Diverse Retail Mix: With over 140 specialty shops and major department stores including Macy’s, Dillard’s, JCPenney, and Apple, Penn Square Mall offers a wide range of shopping options catering to various tastes and budgets.
  2. Convenient Location: Strategically located at the intersection of Northwest Expressway and Pennsylvania Avenue, the mall is easily accessible from various parts of Oklahoma City, making it a convenient choice for shopping and entertainment.
  3. Entertainment Options: The inclusion of an AMC movie theater provides additional entertainment possibilities, allowing visitors to enjoy the latest movies in a comfortable setting.
  4. Dining Variety: The mall features a variety of dining options, from fast food to sit-down restaurants, ensuring that visitors have multiple choices for meals or snacks during their shopping trip.
  5. Comfortable Environment: With its spacious walkways and contemporary design, Penn Square Mall offers a pleasant and comfortable shopping environment, enhancing the overall customer experience.


  1. Crowding and Parking: Popular malls like Penn Square can attract large crowds, especially on weekends and holidays, leading to crowded spaces and potential difficulties in finding parking.
  2. Price Range: While the mall offers a variety of stores, some shoppers might find the prices at certain high-end retailers to be on the higher side, limiting affordability for everyone.
  3. Limited Public Transportation Options: Depending on the public transportation infrastructure of Oklahoma City, some visitors might find it challenging to reach the mall without a car.
  4. Overwhelming for Some Shoppers: With its vast size and extensive selection of stores, some shoppers may find the mall overwhelming or difficult to navigate, especially those looking for a quick and specific purchase.
  5. Competition with Online Shopping: As with many physical retail locations, Penn Square Mall faces stiff competition from online shopping platforms, which can offer more convenience and sometimes better prices.

Southern Hills Shopping Center

Southern Hills Plaza, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, provides a diverse shopping experience with a total of 22 stores. Situated at 1610 SW 74th St, this shopping center caters to various customer needs through a mix of retail outlets. Among the stores present, you’ll find Aaron’s, ADECCO USA, Apex Dental, B-Sew Inn, CDR Electronics, Concentra Health Services, Del Taco, Dollar Tree, Electronic Solutions, Family Dollar, Geico Insurance, Mattress Super Center, Mazzio’s, Mill Creek Carpet & Tile, My Health Boss, Northern Tool & Equipment, Paradise Nails & Spa, Quick Fix, Sam’s Southern Eatery, Starbucks Coffee, WEJ Insurance, and WEOKIE Federal Credit Union, providing a wide range of services and products from furniture and electronics to health services and dining options.

The shopping center’s operational hours are extensive, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day, offering convenience for both early birds and late shoppers. The layout and variety of stores suggest Southern Hills Plaza is designed to serve the local community’s everyday needs, from quick meals to financial services, in a convenient location.

While specific details about the amenities and shopping experience at Southern Hills Plaza are not extensively covered, the mix of tenants indicates a focus on practicality and accessibility, catering to a broad spectrum of needs for shoppers in Oklahoma City.

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